Produções do ano de 2017

1- Detection of a new pyrethroid resistance mutation (V410L) in the sodium channel of Aedes aegypti: a potential challenge for mosquito control-SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Khalid Haddi, Hudson V. V. Tomé, Yuzhe Du, Wilson R. Valbon, Yoshiko Nomura, Gustavo F. Martins, Ke Dong, and Eugênio E. Oliveira.

2- Differential cellular immune response of galleria mellonella to actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae – CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH (PRINT) Luis Andrés Arteaga Blanco Josicelli Souza Crispim, Kenner Morais Fernandes, Leandro Licursi de Oliveira.

3- Differential susceptibility of germ and leydig cells to cadmium-mediated toxicity: impact on testis structure, adiponectin levels and steroidogenesis - OXIDATIVE MEDICINE AND CELLULAR LONGEVITY Marli C. Cupertino, Rômulo D. Novaes, Eliziária C. Santos, Ana C. Neves, Edson Silva, Juraci A. Oliveira, and Sérgio L. P. Matta.

4- Effects of arsenic compounds on microminerals content and antioxidant enzyme activities in rat liver – BIOLOGICAL TRACE ELEMENT RESEARCH Souza ACF, Marchesi SC, de Almeida Lima GD, Machado-Neves M.

5 – First record of gregarines (apicomplexa) in seminal vesicle of insect- SCIENTIFIC REPORTS  Dias G, Dallai R, Carapelli A, Almeida JP, Campos LA, Faroni LR, Lino-Neto J.


7- A new traf-like protein from b. Oleracea ssp. botrytis with lectin activity and its effect on macrophages. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES Duarte CEM, Abranches MV, Silva PF, de Paula SO, Cardoso SA, Oliveira LL.

8- Achievement of constitutive fluorescent plexsy-egfp Leishmania braziliensis and its application as an alternative method for drug screening in vitro. MEMÓRIAS DO INSTITUTO OSWALDO CRUZ . Bastos MS, Souza LA, Onofre TS, Silva A Júnior, Almeida MR, Bressan GC, Fietto JL.

9- Alternative control of aedes aegypti resistant to pyrethroids: lethal and sublethal effects of monoterpenes bioinsecticides. PEST MANAGEMENT SCIENCE (PRINT) . Silva IM, Martins GF, Melo CR, Santana AS, Faro RR, Blank AF, Alves PB, Picanço MC, Cristaldo PF, Araújo APA, Bacci L.

10- Anomalous diffusion and q-weibull velocity distributions in epithelial cell migration . PLOS ONE. Tatiane Souza Vilela Podestá , Tiago Venzel Rosembach , Anésia Aparecida dos Santos, Marcelo Lobato Martins.

11- Antibacterial activity of 7-epiclusianone and its novel copper metal complex on streptococcus spp. isolated from bovine mastitis and their cytotoxicity in mac-t cells . MOLECULES (BASEL. ONLINE) . de Barros M, Perciano PG, Dos Santos MH, De Oliveira LL, Costa ÉD, Moreira MAS.

12- Applicability of plant-based products in the treatment of trypanosoma cruzi and trypanosoma brucei infections: a systematic review of preclinical in vivo evidence . PARASITOLOGY (CAMBRIDGE. ONLINE) . Pereira RM, Greco GMZ, Moreira AM, Chagas PF, Caldas IS, Gonçalves RV, Novaes RD

13- Auxiliary brood cell construction in nests of the stingless bee plebeia lucii (apidae: meliponini) . APIDOLOGIE (CELLE). Geisyane Franco da Luz, Lúcio Antônio de Oliveira Campos, José Cola Zanuncio, José Eduardo Serrão

14- Bacupari peel extracts (Garcinia brasiliensis) reduce high-fat diet-induced obesity in rats.  JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS. Maria Eliza de CastroMoreira, Dorina Isabel GomesNatal, Renata Celi LopesToledo, Natalia MedinaRamirez, Sonia Machado RochaRibeiro, Laércio dos AnjosBenjamin, Leandro Licurside Oliveira, Dayana AlvesRodrigues, Jacinto DemunerAntônio, Marcia ParanhoVeloso, Marcelo HenriqueDos Santos, Hercia Stampini DuarteMartino


16- Chlorantraniliprole-mediated toxicity and changes in sexual fitness of the neotropical brown stink bug euschistus heros. JOURNAL OF PEST SCIENCE (2004. PRINT). Edmar S. Tuelher Éder Henrique da Silva, Hemerson L. Freitas, Filipe A. Namorato, José Eduardo Serrão, Raul Narciso C. Guedes Eugênio E. Oliveira.

17- Clinical application of probiotics in type 2 diabetes mellitus: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study .CLINICAL NUTRITION (EDINBURGH). Tonucci LB, Olbrich Dos Santos KM, Licursi de Oliveira L, Rocha Ribeiro SM, Duarte Martino HS.

18- Comparative morphology of the odoriferous system in three predatory stink bugs (heteroptera: asopinae) . PROTOPLASMA . Martínez LC, Plata-Rueda A, Zanuncio JC, Tavares WS, Serrão JE.

19- Curcuma longa as additive in the diet for astyanax aff.bimaculatus . FISH PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY . de Moraes França Ferreira P, Martins MTS, Caldas DW, Gomes JR, de Oliveira JM, Salaro AL, Rocha JS, Zuanon JAS.

20- Differential cellular immune response of galleria mellonella to actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae . CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH (PRINT). Arteaga Blanco LA, Crispim JS, Fernandes KM, de Oliveira LL, Pereira MF, Bazzolli DMS, Martins GF.

21- Effect of a high-fat diet and alcohol on cutaneous repair: a systematic review of murine experimental models. PLOS ONE. Daiane Figueiredo Rosa, Mariáurea Matias Sarandy, Rômulo Dias Novaes, Sérgio Luís Pinto da Matta, Reggiani Vilela Gonçalves

22- Effect of storage conditions on the ldl effectiveness in ovine sperm cryopreservation. CRYOBIOLOGY (PRINT). Snoeck PPN, Moura LCO, Silva MC, Machado-Neves M, Melo MIV, Heneine LGD, Henry M.

23- Entomopathogenic nematodes in agricultural areas in brazil . SCIENTIFIC REPORTS . Andressa Lima de Brida, Juliana Magrinelli Osório Rosa, Cláudio Marcelo Gonçalves de Oliveira, Bárbara Monteiro de Castro e Castro, José Eduardo Serrão, José Cola Zanuncio, Luis Garrigós Leite, and Silvia Renata Siciliano Wilcken

24- Exposure to the insecticide endosulfan induces liver morphology alterations and oxidative stress in fruit-eating bats. (Artibeus lituratus). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY (PRINT) Oliveira JM, Brinati A, Miranda LDL, Morais DB, Zanuncio JC, Gonçalves RV, Peluzio MDCG, Freitas MB

25- Forest stewardship council (fsc) pesticide policy and integrated pest management in certified tropical plantations.ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL.Lemes PG1, Zanuncio JC2, Serrão JE3, Lawson SA

26- How bad is aluminum exposure to reproductive parameters in rats?BIOLOGICAL TRACE ELEMENT RESEARCH. Mouro VGS, Menezes TP, Lima GDA, Domingues RR, Souza ACF, Oliveira JA, Matta SLP, Machado-Neves M.

27- Hydroethanolic extract of strychnos pseudoquina accelerates skin wound healing by modulating the oxidative status and microstructural reorganization of scar tissue in experimental type i diabetes. BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL . Mariáurea M. Sarandy, Rômulo D. Novaes, Antônio A. Xavier, Camilo E. Vital, João P. V. Leite,3Fabiana C. S. A. Melo, and Reggiani V. Gonçalves

28- Glycaspis brimblecombei (hemiptera: psyllidae) attack patterns on different eucalyptus genotypes. PEERJ. J, , , , , ,

29- Immune receptors and co-receptors in antiviral innate immunity in plants. FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY (ONLINE) . Bianca C. Gouveia,, Iara P. Calil, João Paulo B. Machado, Anésia A. Santos, and Elizabeth P. B. Fontes

30-Insecticidal activity of garlic essential oil and their constituents against the mealworm beetle, tenebrio molitor linnaeus (coleoptera: tenebrionidae). SCIENTIFIC REPORTS . Plata-Rueda A, Martínez LC, Santos MHD, Fernandes FL, Wilcken CF, Soares MA, Serrão JE, Zanuncio JC

31- Larvicidal activity of vegetable oils and esterified compounds against culex quinquefasciatus (diptera: culicidae). ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY. Ribeiro-Neto JA, Pinto MEA, Ferreira VV, Tibúrcio JD, Varotti FP, Azevedo DO, Siqueira-Filho EP, Serrão JE, Lima LAS, Alves SN.

32- Larvicidal effect of essential oils from brazilian cultivars of guava on aedes aegypti L. INDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS (PRINT). Luiza AlvesMendes, Gustavo FerreiraMartins,  Wilson RodriguesValbon, Tércioda Silva de Souza, LucianoMenini, AdésioFerreira,  Marcia Floresda Silva Ferreira

33- Low doses of simvastatin potentiate the effect of sodium alendronate in inhibiting bone resorption and restore microstructural and mechanical bone properties in glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis . MICROSCOPY AND MICROANALYSIS (PRINT) . Sequetto PL, Gonçalves RV, Pinto AS, Oliveira MGA, Maldonado IRSC, Oliveira TT, Novaes RD.

34- Midgut morphological changes and autophagy during metamorphosis in sand flies. CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH (PRINT) . Malta J, Heerman M, Weng JL, Fernandes KM, Martins GF, Ramalho-Ortigão M

35- Mineral composition of pulp and production of the yellow passion fruit with organic and conventional fertilizers. FOOD CHEMISTR  Pacheco ALV1, Pagliarini MF2, de Freitas GB3, Santos RHS4, Serrão JE5, Zanuncio JC6.

36- Morphological and molecular differences in corpus luteum of pregnant sows from divergent genetic groups. THERIOGENOLOGY . Costa KA, da Silva W, Veroneze R, Montes JC, Verardo LL, Botelho ME, Duarte MS, Neves MM, Lopes PS Guimarães JD, Teixeira SA, Alcantara L, Guimarães SEF

37- Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory is more effective than anti-oxidant therapy in counteracting oxidative/nitrosative stress and heart disease in t. cruzi-infected mice. PARASITOLOGY (LONDON. PRINT) . Novaes RD, Santos EC, Fialho MDCQ, Gonçalves WG, Sequetto PL, Talvani A, Gonçalves RV

38- Paracoccin distribution supports its role in paracoccidioides brasiliensis growth and dimorphic transformation. PLOS ONE . Aline Ferreira Oliveira, Fabricio Freitas Fernandes, Vânia Sammartino Mariano, Fausto Almeida, Luciana Pereira Ruas, Leandro Licursi Oliveira, Constance Oliver, Maria Celia Jamur, Maria Cristina Roque-Barreira

39- Parasite control and skeletal myositis in trypanosoma cruzi-infected and exercised rats. ACTA TROPICA . Novaes RD, Gonçalves RV, Penitente AR, Cupertino MC, Maldonado IRSC, Talvani A, Natali AJ

40- Post-embryonic changes in the hindgut of honeybee apis mellifera workers: morphology, cuticle deposition, apoptosis, and cell proliferation. DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY (PRINT). Gonçalves WG1, Fernandes KM2, Santana WC3, Martins GF4, Zanuncio JC5, Serrão JE6.

41- Potential antivirals: natural products targeting replication enzymes of dengue and chikungunya viruses . MOLECULES (BASEL. ONLINE) . Oliveira, Ana Flávia Costa da Silveira; Teixeira, Róbson Ricardo; Oliveira, André Silva de; Souza, Ana Paula Martins de; Silva, Milene Lopes da; Paula, Sérgio Oliveira de.

42- Proximate mechanism of behavioral manipulation of an orb-weaver spider host by a parasitoid wasp. PLOS ONE. Thiago Gechel Kloss , Marcelo Oliveira Gonzaga, Leandro Licursi de Oliveira, Carlos Frankl Sperber.

43- S . mansoni – T . cruzi co-infection modulates arginase-1/inos expression, liver and heart disease in mice . NITRIC OXIDE (PRINT) . João Paulo FerreiraRodrigues, Ivo SantanaCaldas, Reggiani VilelaGonçalves, Leonardo AugustoAlmeida, Raquel Lopes MartinsSouza, Rômulo DiasNovaes.

44- Short communication: Passive Shedding Of Mycobacterium Avium Ssp. Paratuberculosis In Commercial Dairy Goats In Brazil . JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE . D.G.G. Schwarz, M.C. Lima , M. Barros, F.L. Valente , T.M. Scatamburlo , N. Rosado , C.T.S.A.M. Oliveira , L.L. Oliveira, M.A.S. Moreira.

45- Sperm morphology of the leafhopper diaphorina citri kuwayama (hemiptera: sternorrhyncha: psylloidea: liviidae). MICRON (OXFORD. 1993) Barcellos MS, Cossolin JFS, Dias G, Lino-Neto J.

46- Spinosad-mediated effects on the walking abilities, midgut, and malpighian tubules of africanized honey bee workers . PEST MANAGEMENT SCIENCE (PRINT) .Lopes MP, Fernandes KM, Tomé HVV, Gonçalves WG, , Serrão JE, Martins GFMiranda FR

47- Superparasitism, immune response and optimum progeny yield in the gregarious parasitoid palmisticus elaeisis. PEST MANAGEMENT SCIENCE (PRINT) de S Pereira K, Guedes NMP, Serrão JE, Zanuncio JC, Guedes RNC.

48- Temperature modulates the production and activity of a metalloprotease from pseudomonas fluorescens 07a in milk . JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE . Maura P. Alves Rafael L. Salgado, Monique R. Eller, Roberto Sousa Dias, Sérgio Oliveira de Paula, Antonio Fernandes de Carvalho.

49- The expression patterns of aquaporin 9, vacuolar h+-atpase, and cytokeratin 5 in the epididymis of the common vampire bat . HISTOCHEMISTRY AND CELL BIOLOGY. Castro MM, Kim B, Hill E, Fialho MC, Puga LC, Freitas MB, Breton S, Machado-Neves M.

50- The involvement of nitric oxide in integration of plant physiological and ultrastructural adjustments in response to arsenic . FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE . Fernanda S. Farnese, Juraci A. Oliveira, Elder A. S. Paiva, Paulo E. Menezes-Silva, Adinan A. da Silva, Fernanda V. Campos, and Cléberson Ribeiro

51-The spermatogenic process of the common vampire bat desmodus rotundus under a histomorphometric view. PLOS ONE. Danielle Barbosa Morais Luciano Carlos Heringer Porcaro Puga, Tarcízio Antônio Rêgo de Paula, Mariella Bontempo Duca Freitas, Sérgio Luis Pinto da Matta.

52- Translational control in plant antiviral immunity . GENETICS AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY (ONLINE VERSION) . Machado JPB, Calil IP, Santos AA, Fontes EPB.

53- Trifluoromethyl arylamides with antileukemia effect and intracellular inhibitory activity over serine/arginine-rich protein kinases (srpks) . EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY . Siqueira RP, Barros MVA, Barbosa ÉAA, Onofre TS, Gonçalves VHS, Pereira HS, Silva Júnior A, de Oliveira LL4 Almeida MR, Fietto JLR, Teixeira.

54- Ultrastructural analysis of salivary glands in a phytophagous stink bug revealed the presence of unexpected muscles . PLOS ONE . Nathaly Castellanos, Luis C. Martínez, Eder H. Silva, Adenir V. Teodoro, José Eduardo Serrão, Eugênio E. Oliveira.

55- Ultrastructure and morphometric features of epididymal epithelium in desmodus rotundus . MICRON (OXFORD. 1993) . Castro, Mariana Moraes de; Gonçalves, Wagner Gonzaga; Teixeira, Stéphanie Asséf Millen Valente; Queiroz Fialho, Maria do Carmo; Santos, Felipe Couto; Oliveira, Jerusa Maria; Serrão, José Eduardo; Machado-Neves, Mariana.

56- Ultrastructure of the midgut in heteroptera (hemiptera) with different feeding habits. PROTOPLASMA . Helen Pinto Santos, Magdalena Rost-Roszkowska, Jitka Vilimova, José Eduardo Serrão.

57- 6-Methylmercaptopurine riboside, a thiopurine nucleoside with antiviral activity against canine distemper virus in vitro. VIROLOGY JOURNAL. Otávio Valério de Carvalho, Daniele Mendes Félix, Claudia de Camargo Tozato, Juliana Lopes Rangel Fietto, Márcia Rogéria de Almeida, Gustavo Costa Bressan, LindomarJosé Pena and Abelardo Silva-Júnior



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